A sailor went to sea, sea, sea…


Sea freight is the most common mode of transport for FCL (Full Container Loads) and LCL (Less than Container Loads). We have intimate knowledge of the key Australian shipping ports in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Fremantle, plus we’ve shipped goods to and from almost every port in the world.


We know the main sea trade lanes between South East Asia, China, North East Asia and the Australian ports like the back of our hand. We have great relationships with the major shipping lines so that we can get you the fastest transit time, for the lowest possible cost.


We also specialise in cross trade business from China to USA and the Middle East – does your freight forwarder know the document requirements for shipping into Qatar and UAE? Let’s just say it pays to use someone with experience, as not knowing the specifics can cause delays and additional costs if your forwarder isn’t familiar with them.


And let’s not forget this amazing country of ours – coastal shipping (going from one Australian port to another) is another specialty of ours – for example from the east coast ports to Fremantle. Sometimes it is more cost efficient to go around Australia by sea, rather than going through the middle by road or rail!


We also have significant experience shipping goods into the smaller Australian ports of Darwin and Townsville. So whether the sail is long or short, international or domestic, we can help you with a solution for all your sea freight requirements.  


Here’s an example where we walked the walk for one of our sea freight shipments.


We had a client needing their goods (manufactured in Denmark) delivered to Sydney by a certain date – if they missed this date they would have incurred massive penalties.


If we just packed a container and moved it from Hamburg on a direct service to Sydney, it wouldn’t make the deadline. Going via Singapore or South East Asia ports were too risky due to potential trans-shipment issues.


So how did we end up meeting the deadline? Easy!


We trucked the goods to Hamburg, packaged them in Hamburg, then trucked them to Genoa and packed them into a 20ft container. The container was loaded onto a vessel that had the quickest transit time to Australia – arriving in Fremantle after a 25 day sailing. We then cleared and discharged the goods in Fremantle and road transported to Sydney, arriving 3 days prior to the deadline.


We turned a 50 day door to door transit into a 38 day transit! Sure there was a higher than normal cost, but it far outweighed the penalties involved to our customer if they had missed the deadline.


And that’s how we lived up to our name of Outside The Box Logistics!