What do you mean my freight is 'stuck in customs'?!


This is one area where you need to get it right. Many importers and exporters don't fully understand what customs is (and what they do) and how it is managed. 


And no wonder - it's a complicated business! With over 13,000 different tariffs and 4,000 possible concessions, you need to have a partner alongside you who knows their stuff.


There are TCO’s, CHAFTA’s, COO’s, FTA’s... this industry is synonymous for its acronyms! But we want to make it as simple as possible for you, while maximising any potential savings.


Our team of brokers will assess your current situation and apply the most cost-effective customs solution.
Would any of these help your business?

  • Zero duty?

  • Time to pay your import GST?

  • Fast and clean clearance?

  • Can I claim duty back if I re-export?

  • Is entry into a bond going to help?

All of these questions and more can be answered by our team. We're a full bottle on all things customs, and are always up to date with the latest changes to the customs regulations.
A great example of this is the Free Trade Agreement between China and Australia – CHAFTA.
Given the massive volume of imports from China, there are now stringent documentary processes in place to ensure CHAFTA can be applied to your product. The HS code is now of significant importance and must match that of the Australian Tariff classification.
And are you familiar with the AQIS clearance process? Australia is well known for its protection of our borders from harmful species of insects and diseases. Don't wait for your cargo to arrive before asking the question – will AQIS be interested in my product?
These are all great examples of why you need a knowledgeable partner who will exhaust all avenues before you import, to ensure you do not incur delays or additional costs on arrival!